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This is a traditional dish from Austria, Bohemia and Bavaria. Especially popular with children, for special occasions.

Ingredients (four persons):

    300 g (10 oz) sifted flour,
    5 eggs,
    500 ml (18 fl oz) milk,
    2 tbl spoon rum,
    100 g (3 oz) washed raisins,
    50 g (2 oz) butter.

    Separate eggs and whip egg white into stiff mass. Mix flower, milk and egg yolk thoroughly using electric mixer. Melt butter in pot and spread over mix. Sprinkle raisins into mix. Pour rum into mix. Briefly mix dough again to spread butter, rum and raisins. Pour stiff egg white on top of dough and mix with ladle so that lumps of egg white are surrounded by liquid dough. Heat large steel pan with two table spoons of margarine until drop of dough will sizzle in it. Pour a layer of dough into pan with ladle until about 1 cm (1/2") deep, making sure the quantity of raisins is right and that they are spread equally. After a short while, swing it a little so it won't stick. When bottom has baked a little, cut into four quadrants and turn each upside down (make sure bottom was baked OK). Then start cutting into bits about 2 cm in size) while turning over as needed. The above quantity comes out as three panfulls with my steel pan. Add margarine in between batches. Serve with canned fruit in syrup such as dark pitted cherries or blueberries, or something sweet: Honey, maple syrup or sugar with powdered cinnamon.


A refreshing drink from India.


    125 g (4 oz) of joghurt,
    1 teaspoon of sugar,
    375 ml (12 fl oz) of milk.

    Pour and stir. Enjoy! Some people add fruit, fruit juices or berries. Sugar can be omitted.

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