Nonsense English in Japan

While staying in Japan you will encounter numerous foreign language messages, usually in what appears to be English, printed on everyday objects such as t-shirts, handbags or boxes of tissue paper that are meaningless in contents and often grammatically or otherwise incorrect. You could not get away with that if there was a reasonable number of English speakers, but there isn't. English teaching in Japan is a joke.

Here's a growing selection of quotes:

    What feeling do you need the best in your
    lifestyle? Trendy feeling, natural feeling and
    traditional feeling. We'll lead a tasteful life
    to find your personal style. Mild and ten-
    derness are basic of our living style.
    (found on a box of tissues)

    The Art of Hot
    Side by side, I'll be yours forever.
    Because please don't weep.
    (found on a paper cup)

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